Services Provided Receivership, Liquidation and Voluntary Administration

Jollands Callander have extensive experience in this area.

Jollands Callander are currently administering a number of receiverships and liquidations.

Voluntary Administration

This is a new insolvency management tool that came into effect in November 2007 aiming to help struggling companies stay afloat and either recover or at least achieve a better outcome for creditors.

Jollands Callander can be appointed Voluntary Administrators by the Board of Directors, a Liquidator, a Chargeholder over the company or by the High Court.

After taking control of the company as Voluntary Administrators, Jollands Callander investigates and reports to creditors on the company’s business affairs and financial circumstances and advises creditors as to the options available.

Jollands Callander with its long experience in handling liquidations and receiverships together with its resources in business advisory services, is well placed to undertake voluntary administrations.

Corporate Rescue Plans

For companies wishing to avoid receivership or liquidation, or are not operating at full potential, we undertake corporate rescue and reconstruction for businesses. This service includes issues such as:-

  • Diagnostic Investigation
  • Balance Sheet Review
  • Preparation of a business plan, and,
  • Decide a course for survival and profit.
Business Valuation Services

Jollands Callander assists clients with business valuation matters arising from taxation, acquisitions, mergers and divestment, valuations for various corporate and shareholder purposes, matrimonial disputes, insurance claims, and other types of damage claims. Other areas also include estate investigations and valuations.

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