Our Commitment to You

Jollands Callander has over 18 years experience in insolvency and receivership related services. Coupled with the expertise of our insolvency team, we are in an excellent position to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. Businesses are currently operating in extremely competitive and difficult times. Success is not always a given and often management need to deal with circumstances beyond their control. In our experience, when these situations arise, advice is often sought too late, and in many cases it is also inappropriate. Seeking good advice at an early stage can often mean the difference between a positive and a negative outcome.

In our experience, every situation is different and unfortunately there are no standard solutions.

Our recommendation is to seek expert advice as soon as possible. More often than not financiers, bankers and major creditors will support proactive actions and work with businesses, to achieve a win-win for everyone.

Using our extensive experience and the considerable expertise of our team, we have all the attributes to offer expert advice, regardless of how complex the situation may be.

We aim to provide a professional yet friendly service. We consider ourselves to be very approachable and are happy to answer queries at any time.

Our approach is to work closely with all parties. By focussing on keeping the process moving forward, we strive to achieve desired outcomes with minimal delays.

Free Consultation

Our commitment to you is to offer you a "no obligation" free one hour consultation. We will listen to you and offer our expert advice and recommend some options.

Please feel free to contact us on (09) 3790463 to make an appointment.

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